Isobel Murphy

Isobel Murphy, a violent male who identifies as a transgender woman, was convicted at Belfast Crown Court in June 2023 of six sex offences against a 13 year old boy; namely, sexual activity by an adult with a child, inciting a child to engage in sexual activity involving penetration; intentionally engaging in sexual touching of a child; two counts of sexually communicating with a child and causing a child to engage in sexual activity, all of which were committed over a period in 2021. An additional charge of sexual touching of a child ‘on the books not to be proceeded with.’

Murphy, 46, initially denied the offences when appearing in court in March 2023 – a common tactic of sex offenders hoping the child won’t be able to face giving evidence after many months of dreading facing their abuser in court. However, the judge fast tracked the case for the following month and Murphy ended up pleading guilty to the heinous offences.

Despite being convicted of multiple sex offences against a child, Murphy was bailed until sentencing while psychiatric reports and a Victim Impact Report were prepared. The date for sentencing was set as 22 August 2023, although no coverage has yet appeared. All media reports described Murphy as a ’46 year old Bangor woman’ in coverage and headlines.

Image credit: Alan Lewis – via Belfast Telegraph

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