Freddie/Xenia Jade Millar

Freddie/Xenia Jade Millar, a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted of the rape of a woman in 2017 and then further convicted of Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) breaches in 2024, soon after release from prison.

Millar was released from prison in September 2023, and when police visited in December 2023 they found a laptop and a woman inside the address who claimed to be in a relationship with Millar. Neither the laptop nor the relationship had been disclosed to police under the strict terms of Millar’s SHPO. Then on January 22, 2024 Millar was again visited and officers discovered a mobile phone with multiple social media accounts that had not been disclosed. They also found conversations which suggested Millar had once again formed friendships/relationships that police were not aware of.

Millar was convicted at Northampton Crown Court on February 5, 2024 of one count of breaching a SHPO and one count of Breaching Notification Requirements, and sentenced to one year and four months in prison.

The police officer leading the case commented: “We do not give second chances or ‘the benefit of the doubt’ – anyone who breaches their order is charged and brought before the courts with a view to sending them to prison. Police statement available here

Image credit: Northants Police via ITV News

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