Peter Cooke

Peter Cooke, a male transvestite and serial public masturbator, was convicted at Truro Crown Court in 2016 of outraging public decency. Cooke was sentenced to three months in prison suspended for two years. 

Cooke, 48, had been caught masturbating to pornography on his phone in the garden of a female neighbour. His actions were also witnessed by her 15 year old son.

Cooke had previously been cautioned by police after masturbating in a Newquay street and trying on women’s underwear after stealing a bag of women’s clothes from a leisure centre. The court heard that Cooke had also been seen by another female neighbour crouching on the decking of her house and “rummaging” his genitals while wearing nothing but an unzipped mac.

Passing a jail sentence of three months suspended for two years, Recorder Peter Dunkels, QC, told Cooke that he will be locked up if he doesn’t stop his “unacceptable” and “distressing” behaviour.

“It is very clear that your behaviour has had a profound effect on the victim and those close to her,” Recorder Dunkels said. “The background to your behaviour is troubling. You have admitted you have a problem and that is a first step in the right direction.

“But this has to stop. While I have no doubt you possess commendable qualities, there is a wholly unacceptable aspect to your character and it has to stop. If it doesn’t, you will go to prison.”

It later emerged that Cooke’s wife Sarah was a head teacher at the same school where he worked as a handyman. She was subsequently banned from teaching for failing to follow safeguarding guidelines by not disclosing her husband was under investigation for public decency offences and had been previously cautioned for public masturbation / stealing the bag of women’s clothes and trying them on.

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