Hannah/Adam Bonser

Hannah / Adam Bonser, a female who reportedly identifies as a trans man, was convicted in 2012 of the murder of 13 year old Casey Kearney. Bonser was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum tariff of 22 years.

A former prison officer told the media in December 2017 that Bonser had discussed having gender reassignment surgery and was insisting that officers use the term “ladies and gentlemen” when addressing prisoners.

Bonser, 26, had a long history of mental health problems, had been sectioned three times and diagnosed with personality disorders; one psychiatrist had diagnosed paranoid schizophrenia. However, the court rejected Bonser’s claim of being guilty of manslaughter due to diminished responsibility.

Bonser had been discharged from a mental health unit just four months before the killing in February 2012 and the month before the fatal attack was given crisis accommodation. Bonser was then discharged by the home treatment team on 30 January, but there was apparently “no convincing evidence” that the defendant’s mental state had improved by then.

Following conviction Bonser was moved to the hospital wing of HMP New Hall after reportedly assaulting a female prison guard and self harming.

An independent review into the care Bonser received found the defendant was “almost invisible” to some services and was not “listened to” as a child or adult. The author of the report made 21 recommendations for the NHS, children’s services in Doncaster and other organisations.

Photo credit: PA via Daily Mail

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