Barry Mason

Barry/Brianna Mason, a violent male transvestite, was convicted at Hull Crown Court in September 2018 of outraging public decency by performing a sex act in public and breaching a suspended sentence. He had 34 previous offences on his record, including an incident the previous year when he squirted bleach in a bus driver’s face.

Mason, 68, was sentenced to four months in prison in October 2018.

The details of the offence Mason committed are repulsive; they involved the offender dancing naked on a flat roof for around half an hour while inserting a sex toy into (presumably) his rectum before licking it, then wiping it with an item of women’s underwear and placing them in his mouth.

The court heard that the unfortunate woman who witnessed his offending had “initially thought that she was observing a woman, because the individual she could see had shoulder-length blonde hair and was wearing lingerie. After a few minutes, however, the defendant removed what was in fact a wig and his male genitalia could be seen.” 

Mason reportedly told police he had “gone up on the roof dressed as Brianna”, described as “my other way of living”. He told the police that he was bisexual and he put female clothing on when he was in his home.

Mason, received an eight-week prison sentence at Hull Magistrates Court in June 2017 (suspended for 12 months) for the incident where he squirted bleach into a bus driver’s face. He was convicted of assault by beating and criminal damage and ordered to pay the cost of the damage at £200. The extent of the victim’s injuries are unknown. The sentence was later described as “remarkably lenient”.

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Photo: Hull Daily Mail

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