Laura Miller

Laura Miller, a violent male who identifies as gender neutral, was convicted of sexual assault and sentenced to 23 months in prison at Inverness Sheriff Court in Scotland on February 11, 2022. Miller, 29, must sign the sex offender’s register for 10 years and it is unknown whether the sentence will be served in the male or female prison estate.

The Court heard that “on several occasions” in 2017, Miller had sexually assaulted a woman while she was in a state incapable of giving consent – i.e. she was asleep.

Reduxx reports that on at least one occasion, Miller filmed himself while he was assaulting the woman. In the video, he is described as being seen “removing [his] victim’s clothing, exposing her private parts and touching [her] breasts.” He is also making vulgar sexual remarks of an offensive nature towards her.

Although Miller has previous convictions it is unknown whether these were sexual offences (although they were serious enough to carry custodial sentences) and they may well have been recorded under a different first name. Miller’s alias of “Laura” was used throughout in addition to they/them pronouns and it is also unknown how the perpetrator’s sex was recorded – although why a male who identifies as ‘gender neutral’ would be recorded as female is anyone’s guess.

The Telegraph recently reported that the current, widely criticised “Orwellian” Police Scotland policy which allows male sex offenders to self-identify as female is under review.

*Update April 2022*

The Press & Journal [subscription required] reports that Miller is appealing the 23 month sentence.

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