John / Elizabeth Rawley

John Owain Rawley/ Elizabeth Joanna Rawley, a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted in 2010 of child sexual abuse having made a vulnerable 12 year old girl look at a sexual image and watch a sexual act, and possession of indecent images of children. Rawley, 41, was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison at Mold Crown Court.

While in prison, Rawley was convicted at Caernarfon Crown Court in 2011 to two other charges of making a 9 year old girl look at a sexual images (one of which was rated as the most serious Level 5) and watch a sexual act; Rawley was dressed in stereotypical female clothing while perpetrating the abuse. Rawley was given a further 14-month prison term. The victim had gone to the police after she saw media reports of Rawley’s previous court appearance but Rawley claimed the girl had accessed the pornography herself. The judge said he was concerned that Rawley had shown “little insight” and no “victim empathy” while undertaking a course in prison.

During Rawleys’s trial in 2010, the defendant was found to have 172 still images including four level four photos of very serious sexual abuse of children and another 18 videos, 10 of which showed the second worst kind of sexual abuse. The vulnerable 12 year old girl Rawley had exposed to videos depicting rape of children had revealed to the defendant that she herself was sexually abused by another person and the abuse had been filmed. Rawley was the first person she told, constituting a gross breach of trust.

Speaking directly to Rawley the judge said: “You added to this girl’s distress and harm by causing her to watch a number of moving images which included penetrative activity with a child. Finally you were seen by her, as well you knew, to engage in sexual activity. You don’t accept any responsibility for your behaviour and have no understanding of the harm you caused to that young child.”

The judge then revealed that Rawley’s gender identity issues had been submitted as mitigation by continuing “I bear in mind your emotional instability and problems you’ve had with gender reassignment.”

Rawley had reportedly changed name from John to Elizabeth by deed poll but had not undergone any gender reassignment surgery.

Rawley was added to the sex offenders register and to be subject of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order upon release. Details of this order were not made public.

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