Kim Goode

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Kim Goode (aka Kim-Eaton Goode), a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted at Worcester Crown Court in 2010 of two counts of theft (one from a charity shop) and an assault on a police officer.

Goode, 46, was sentenced to six weeks in prison for each of the thefts to run concurrently and another six weeks for the assault on a police officer to run consecutively. Goode was also issued with a two year criminal anti-social behaviour order (Crasbo) prohibiting behaving in a way which causes harassment, alarm or distress.

Goode reportedly “launched into a rage” after being arrested for stealing a vest top from an Age Concern charity shop and also stole a bottle of sherry from a supermarket. Goode became verbally abusive while being escorted from the store, shouting: “You’re racist because I’m transsexual”. The defendant then went on to deliberately expose their genitals when being detained by police at the entrance to the shopping centre.

When they arrived at the police station, Goode was taken to a cell and attacked a police officer and was therefore restrained. While restrained Goode reportedly “told officers that she needed the toilet, but when her handcuffs were taken off, flicked her hand at an officer and urine landed on the officer’s trouser leg.”

District judge Bruce Morgan said: “She stole from a charity shop. A person cannot lower themselves more than stealing from a shop that is trying to raise money for others. As for the urine, that is quite the most disgusting thing I have heard in years. She blames the bias and intolerance of others rather than herself.”

In 2011, Goode breached the criminal anti-social behaviour order by swearing, spitting and making obscene suggestions to bouncers when refused entry to a bar in Worcester city centre. Goode was given a 12-week curfew from 6pm to 6am and ordered to pay £85 costs. The Crasbo and community order were mandated to continue.

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