Kevin McCamley / Fay Purdham

Kevin McCamley / Fay Purdham, a violent male who identifies as a transgender woman was convicted in April 2010 at Newcastle Crown Court of affray after drunkenly attacking and beating two women in a bar. Both McCamley/Purdham and sister Lindsay McCamley escaped jail, despite the severity of the offences, and were given 12-month community orders with supervision and made the subject of exclusion orders from the bar for six months. McCamley/Purdham, 22, already had a conviction for a similar attack in an other bar a few months earlier and received a conditional discharge for that offence.

Judge Tony Lancaster said “Fay Purdham, you acted aggressively at the perception of a slight about transgender issues. But you seem to have severe problems with anger management and you overreacted.” Both of the women attacked suffered bruising and lasting effects that suggest more serious assault charges should have been brought – one woman sustained permanent hearing loss and tinnitus after being kicked and punched and the other was dragged across the floor of the bar by her hair. Being male, McCamley/Purdham proved too strong to be thrown out and had to be restrained on the floor, still lashing out at security staff, until police arrived. This aggression was attributed to McCamley/Purdham being ‘anxious over a gender reassignment operation which is fixed for July.’

A few years later in 2015, McCamley/Purdham’s rank sexism and misogyny is revealed in a Daily Mail article proclaiming an intention to be both the mother and father of the same baby by seeking to raise “£100,000 to pay for a surrogate to provide me with eggs and carry the child.” Elsewhere in the article, McCamley/Purdham then goes on to reduce women to ridiculous outdated stereotypes, saying “I feel like I have become a kind, humble woman, which is a better female role than a diva.” So, woman as incubator, kind, humble mouse or demanding diva – nothing like the usual regressive ideas of women in the minds of sexist men, obviously.

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