Melissa Cae

Melissa Cae, a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted of wounding with intent after stabbing a school boy. Cae, 51, started dressing as a woman in 2000 after leaving the Army and was wearing a blonde wig at the time of the attack. Cae was sentenced to 7 years in prison at Cardiff Crown Court in February 2014.

Judge Stephen Hopkins QC told Cae: “You carried out a serious and unprovoked knife attack on an innocent boy.” The boy, who wanted to be a male model, was left self-conscious of his scars and suffering from flashbacks of the attack.

The defence team told the court that serving with the Army in Northern Ireland had left Cae with post traumatic stress disorder and that Cae was “due to undergo a full sex change operation later this year.”

Photo credit: Wales News Service via Wales Online

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