Prisoner XT

Silhouette image via Wikimedia Commons

Prisoner XT, a male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted and imprisoned on a firearms offence in 2013.

XT was held in a male prison until gaining a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) in 2015 and was moved to a female prison 3 months later.

The prisoner alleged the government had breached the Equality Act 2010, and Human Rights Act 1998 and in July 2017 the Ministry of Justice settled XT’s claims, the terms of which are confidential. 

In a statement to Gay Star News the MoJ stated: 

‘We are firmly committed to ensuring that transgender offenders are treated fairly, lawfully and decently, with their rights and safety respected.

‘New guidelines were issued to staff at the end of last year, following a review into the management and care of transgender offenders. The review involved independent oversight from the Prison Reform Trust and Gendered Intelligence, an organisation that supports trans people and raises awareness about transgender issues.

‘All prisoners, including transgender prisoners, will continue to be held as the law requires, taking into consideration the needs of the offender and any safety concerns.’

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