Jessica Hughes

Jessica Hughes, a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, has twice been convicted of violence against women.  

In 2010 Hughes was reportedly jailed aged 18 for “head-butting a woman in a booze-fuelled attack”. Then in December 2014, Hughes was convicted of one count of assault and was sentenced to six months in jail at Caenarfon Crown Court after biting a woman’s leg. Despite having a conviction for the previous violent assault on a woman Hughes tried to blame the victim.

Without a GRC, Hughes was sent to HMP Altcourse, a category B men’s prison, and later complained to the Daily Mail about taunts from male prisoners, saying:

‘I used my femininity to get through to them and went up to the top dog with my top pulled down showing off my boobs a little bit.

‘They started to respect me after that and I had a few relationships with some of them while in prison.

Photo credit: M&Y News Agency via Daily Mail

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