Thomas Feeney

Silhouette image via Wikimedia Commons

Thomas Feeney, a violent male transvestite, was convicted in 2014 of robbery, sexual assault with intent to rape and using an imitation gun with intent to cause the victim to believe unlawful violence would be used against her. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison at the High Court in Glasgow.

Feeney, 47, went equipped with a mask, cable ties, duct tape and an imitation gun to the remote location where the 33 year old female victim was staying with her fiance. He bound her wrists, eyes and mouth with duct tape and told her he was abducting her to use as his sex slave. He then robbed her of cash and sexually assaulted her before stealing her underwear from the laundry basket and making off in her car.

At his trial, Feeney told the court he likes to dress up as a woman, saying “It’s private. It’s what I’ve done for four or five years. I go to country places and wear women’s clothes.”

Although Feeney left behind his DNA, it was not on the database and the police made an appeal on BBC Crimewatch (see Lisa Hauxwell, another violent male trans sex offender who also featured on Crimewatch). He was not caught until his mobile phone was found by a dog walker two months later, alongside the victim’s stolen underwear.

The court heard that Feeney’s brutality had had profound consequences for the victim as she was now terrified to be alone as a result of his horrific attack on her.

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