Aaron Herschell

Aaron Herschell
Photo via Daily Record

Aaron / Alexis Herschell, a violent male who previously identified as a trans woman after he was arrested, was convicted in July 2017 of the attempted rape of a 19 year old woman he met on the dating app, MeetMe. Herschell, 20, was sentenced to 2 years in jail at the High Court in Glasgow in October 2017.

No mention of Herschell’s transgender status was made at trial so must assume he either detransitioned or he claimed to be trans in order to force female prison staff to search him, as was suspected when he first entered custody.

A second charge of raping another woman in a park in Plains, North Lanarkshire returned a not proven verdict, despite Herschell, 19, admitting to both attacks on a video recorded by friends of the first woman.

Daily Record front page 28 Oct 2016

Herschell was initially remanded on the two rape charges in October 2016 as a man named Aaron and reported as the first prisoner in Scotland to seek gender reassignment while awaiting trial for sex offences, having never declared trans status previously. Herschell was reportedly held in a segregation unit at HMYOI Polmont while on remand rather than in the section reserved for female prisoners.

In common with staff at HMP Glenochil housing Andrew Burns, female prison staff raised concerns with management and their union regarding being “ordered to carry out rubdown searches on the prisoner when necessary”, fearing they may lose their job if they refuse. HMYOI Polmont does not have full body scanners, so intimate searches (by a guard of the same sex) are a necessary part of the routine. A source told the Daily Record “No one would wish to have to carry out any kind of intimate search on a prisoner whose alleged criminal sexual behaviour will be at the centre of a High Court trial.”

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