Paris Clarke

Silhouette image via Wikimedia Commons

Paris Clarke, a male who identifies as a trans woman, is imprisoned at women’s prison HMP New Hall (as of December 2017). It is unknown whether Clarke has already been convicted or is on remand.

Media reporting on the death by misadventure of trans prisoner Jenny Swift while on remand for murder at HMP Doncaster included testimony by Clarke at Swift’s inquest. Clarke was reportedly flanked by multiple prison guards at the inquest hearing, indicating the prisoner is judged a risk to the public.

That Clarke was incarcerated in HMP Doncaster at the time of Swift’s death in December 2016 indicates the prisoner did not have a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) and was therefore housed in a male prison.

Clarke (diversity representative at HMP Doncaster before transfer to HMP New Hall) told the inquest four trans prisoners at the men’s prison had made a suicide pact but pulled out of it before Swift’s death. They had complained about ‘bullying’ by guards at the Serco-run private prison and another prisoner, John Parton gave a written statement, saying: “The guards used to treat [Swift] well but one or two used to call her fella, which would piss her off big time. She used to shout off the balcony: I’m Jenny Swift, not Jonathan.”

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