Francesca Camicia

Francesca Camicia, a male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted at Ealing Magistrates Court of using threatening behaviour towards Heathrow security staff in September 2017 and was conditionally discharged for two years. Camicia was also ordered to pay each victim £50 compensation and £750 costs.

Camicia, 23, called Mustafa Abbas (a Muslim airport security staff member) a “terrorist” after mistakenly believing Mr Abbas addressed the defendant as “man” rather than “ma’am”. In an extraordinary outburst, reportedly lasting two hours, Camicia shouted: “This guy hates transgenders and wishes me dead. You’re the terrorist.” in Mr Abbas’ face.

Mr Abbas told the court Camicia said to him ‘Don’t talk to me like a dog, you need to learn some education, you f***g idiot’. “She said it with disgust and was looking down at me and made me feel worthless, like I am nothing as if I am a peasant. “She said: ‘You earn six pounds an hour and you think you are God.’ “She pointed at my beard and said: ‘I should be afraid of you. You are the terrorist’

“She said I was homosexual and made an oral sex gesture with her hand. I have never come across anyone that angry or unpredictable in seven years at Heathrow. I felt intimidated when she came close to my face and poked my shoulder with her fingers.” 

“She said: ‘You’re peasants. I’ll buy this f*****g airport, this f****g plane.’ “To be called a terrorist because of how I look is disgusting and she lost control with the police as well.”

Mr Abbas reported the incident to supervisor Mr. Fahad Arshad, who told the court: ‘She refused to stop and completely lost control. Just mad, I couldn’t speak to her.’

Photo: Tony Palmer via The Mirror

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