Daniel Reeves/Ella Davies

Daniel Reeves/Ella Davies, a male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted at Plymouth Crown Court in 2019 of possessing over 1000 indecent images of children, including those depicting images of child rape and torture. The judge referred to the “discernible distress of the subjects of the image”. Reeves/Davies, 36, was also convicted of breaching bail and breaking a suspended sentence and made subject of a sexual harm prevention order.

Reeves/Davies was jailed for a year and nine months after absconding for two months to avoid a court appearance. There is a suggestion the police said they were looking for a female rather than a male offender.

In common with many other cases involving trans offenders, the defence cited gender issues as mitigation in court saying that Reeves/Davies was “suffering from severe psychiatric problems arising from her gender dysphoria, and was sectioned in 2017.” The judge responded, saying “I accept your experience of custody may be more challenging for you than for others, for obvious reasons.”

The court also heard that Reeves/Davies psychological problems “arose from childhood abuse and were aggravated by the break up of her marriage and loss of contact with her two children”.

Reeves/Davies was sent on a sex offenders’ course in 2016 but “was unable to complete it because of her gender issues and had received some one-to-one treatment from the probation service instead.”

Reeves/Davies also pleaded guilty in 2016 to 12 counts of making and possessing over 1000 indecent images of children between 2013 and 2015, having twice been caught with child sexual abuse images on computers and phones – the second time while on bail for the first.

The CPS said some of the images were among the worst seen by the experienced officer who had to classify them and included pictures of children as young as three. But, still, the 2 year sentence was suspended.

In common with several other trans-identified males whose convictions whose convictions for violence/sexual violence are documented on this site, Reeves/Davies is an ex-soldier – see this tag for others.

Photo credit: CPS via Plymouth Herald

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