David Smith/Attila Taylor

David Smith/Attila Taylor, a violent male who identifies as a transgender woman, was convicted at the High Court in Edinburgh in 2018 of 14 charges, including eight offences of rape and one of attempted murder.

Smith, aged 32 of Maryhill, Glasgow, had raped and attempted to murder his pregnant partner in 2018 and was also convicted of raping and abusing a second woman between 2011 and 2015 – he had locked her in flats in the city to prevent her leaving and then raped her on Boxing Day in 2014. He also punched and repeatedly kicked the second woman during another sexually motivated attack, seizing her by the throat and strangling her until she lost consciousness. Previously, Smith was convicted in England of an indecent assault on a five-year-old girl.

In January 2019, the court imposed an Order for Lifelong Restriction (see here for other trans-identified males on OLR sentences) that is imposed only for the most high risk violent offenders (around 100 prisoners in Scotland). It is made up of a minimum period of time of imprisonment and lifelong risk management so Smith will only be released when parole authorities consider it is no longer necessary for the protection of the public that he continue to be confined in prison. 

Smith attacks on his pregnant partner occurred during a three-month campaign of abuse and sexual violence after meeting her on dating site Plenty of Fish. On 1 February 2018, Smith attempted to murder her by strangulation and with a variety of weapons included a knife and hedge cutters. In desperation, she jumped from a window 40 feet from the ground as her only way to escape him as he had locked the front door and hidden the key. She sustained terrible injuries in the fall, including six broken ribs, both lungs collapsing, a fractured skull and a shattered breast bone. She spent more than a month in hospital undergoing multiple operations.

Smith has apparently decided to identify as transgender is prison and is demanding a transfer away from HMP Barlinnie – the second Scottish sex offender within a week to do so (see also Joseph/Jo White). In 2023, three further violent trans-identified males demanded transfers to the female estate, two rapists Jonathon/Charlene Mallon and Albert/Claire Caballero and the unmanageably violent offender Andrew Burns/Tiffany Scott. Burns/Scott was (unbelievably) approved to be moved, but this was revoked following the public furore surrounding the transgender double rapist Adam Graham/Isla Bryson being initially allocated to a female prison.

With no trace of irony, Smith blames other violent trans-identified male sex offenders (such as Adam Graham/Isla Bryson) for scuppering his transition plans and the wigs, prosthetic breasts and shaving equipment he says he is entitled to, adding “I f****** hate people that come out as trans and then don’t go through with it. To me that is not a trans woman, that is not a woman at all. That is still a male.” The Scottish Prison Service told The Sun that there is no possibility of Smith ever being transferred to a women’s prison.

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