Joseph/Jo White

Joseph/Jo White, a violent male who identifies as a transgender woman, was convicted in March 2018 at Hamilton Sheriff Court of three charges of sexual assault, one charge of voyeurism, a charge of using lewd, indecent and libidinous practices and two charges of making and possessing indecent images of children. White, aged 30 was jailed for five years and will spend an additional three years on licence when released.

Sheriff Marie Smart branded White’s crimes as some of the most “heinous” to come before the sheriff court. Police had initially linked White’s computer to viewing indecent images of children and sharing the images and abuse fantasies with other paedophiles via WhatsApp. They subsequently discovered images of White sexually abusing a 2 year old girl – identified by a ring visible in the images – and that White had sexually abused another girl aged 11. The voyeurism charge related to White using a covert camera to record women using a bathroom. White’s offending spanned a seven year period.

See further examples of trans-identified males offending against women and girls in toilets here and women-only spaces here.

White was apparently referred to the controversial Sandyford gender clinic just weeks before the trial began, indicating another case of so-called ‘Prison Onset Gender Dysphoria‘ (i.e. declaration of a trans identity after criminal charges have been brought as seen with Isla Bryson and many others). However, in May 2024, White was featured in the media after demanding a move from HMP Barlinnie (the main male prison in Glasgow) to a more “trans-friendly” jail such as HMP Glenochil after being turned down for a transfer to HMP Cornton Vale, a female prison.

White is the second violent trans-identified male sex offender to demand transfer to a female prison in Scotland within a week – see also David Smith/Attila Taylor. In 2023, two transgender rapists Jonathon/Charlene Mallon and Albert/Claire Caballero similarly demanded transfers as did the unmanageably violent offender Andrew Burns/Tiffany Scott. Unbelievably, Burns/Scott was approved to be moved, but this was revoked following the public furore surrounding the transgender double rapist Adam Graham/Isla Bryson initially being allocated to a female prison.

White’s complaint about the clinic lowering the dose of hormones provided is also included in the coverage, as well as general carping about having to wear the prison uniform and having no access to hair straighteners – see also Gary Marie, another trans sex offender demanding hair straighteners. A friend of White’s commented to the Sunday Mail: “White was not feminine at all and had never expressed any interest in becoming a woman or being trans before being caught. Which is convenient to say the least.” In April 2022, White also claimed to be involved in an Scottish Prison Service gender policy review and was personally behind a proposal to create an “all inclusive” wing for trans women. See this tag for other violent trans-identified males who have been consulted on prison policy.

Image credit: Sunday Mail

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