Kali Gills

Kali Gills, a violent male who identifies as a transgender woman, was convicted in October 2021 at Birmingham Crown Court of wounding with intent, which left the victim with a grievous bodily harm injury. Gills was sentenced to 4 years for the attack and was sent to a male prison.

Gills, 61, bit a female friend’s nose off in a drunken, brutal attack after following her into the street. Birmingham Live reported that such was the violence of the attack, the woman had to have part of her forehead grafted onto her nose by surgeons. She will need further surgery and has been receiving counselling since suffering such an irreversible and life changing injury to her face. 

Despite committing a horrific, violent crime against a woman, Women Are Human reports that Gills requested to serve the sentence in a women’s prison. The request is currently delayed due to the fact that Gills does not have a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC). A GRC is obtained from a panel after an individual has received a diagnosis of gender dysphoria from two doctors, and has been “living in their gender” for two years and vows to continue doing so until death.

A 2020 public submission from a “Miss Kali Ann Gills” to the UK government consultation regarding reforms to the Gender Recognition Act is available online. The submission misunderstands UK law regarding the granting of gender recognition certificates, believing that no violent or predatory males would transition to gain access to female spaces because hormone treatment would affect their body. In fact, hormone treatment is not a pre-requisite for granting of a GRC, and neither is surgery. However the muddled submission then goes on to suggest that gender clinics could issue the certificates or it could be granted post-surgery – ie an outcome to the consultation that the majority of trans activists would presumably not remotely agree with.

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