Phoebe Ellison

Phoebe Jasmine Ellison, a violent male who identifies as a transgender woman, was convicted in absentia in October 2021 of offences under the Malicious Communications Act. Ellison was sentenced to 10 weeks in prison for causing a message to be sent by public communication network that is indecent or grossly offensive or threatening.

A concerned Twitter user reported a disturbing YouTube video to police in which Ellison threatened a terrorist attack on a UK media outlet.

The feminist news site 4W reports that in the video, Ellison is heard saying “[the] Spectator is the new Charlie Hebdo” while brandishing a knife. The title of the disturbing clip was “Why I’m going to prison, and why I could not care less whether it is a Men’s or Women’s facility.”

Ellison was suspended from Twitter in 2020 for making violent threats after being referred to as ‘Sir’.

Further examples of extremely concerning threatening behaviour by Ellison is documented in this post on the Women Are Human website.

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