Connor Tait / Connie Duncan

Connor Tait / Connie Duncan (aka Connor Duncan), a violent male who now appears to identify as a transgender woman, was convicted in July 2013 at Dundee Sheriff Court of sexually assaulting an 11 year old boy. Tait, aged 20 at the time of the offence, had already received community sentences for two previous sexual assaults of young children, revealing how inadequate that supervision was.

In 2021 – while subject to two bail orders as well as a sexual offences prevention order (SOPO) – Tait was remanded into custody accused of causing a child to suffer fear or alarm and behaving in a threatening or abusive manner after allegedly telling a young girl to put a plastic bag over her head in a Dundee park. Tait, appeared in court initially in July 2021 and then in September 2021 from HMP Perth when Sheriff John Rafferty continued the case on petition for further examination.

Jailing Tait for eight years (four years in jail and a further four years of supervision after release) in September 2014 for the sexual assault on the young boy, Sheriff Richard Davidson, said: “You were convicted after trial of one of the most horrible crimes I have had to deal with in the course of almost 20 years of sitting here.” In July 2015, at the Court of Criminal Appeal in Edinburgh, Tait’s jail sentence was cut to three and a half years, but the supervision period remained the same.

Tait had ambushed two young boys at random as they walked home from football training and perpetrated a serious penetrative sexual offence against one of them. In November 2013 Sheriff Davidson told Tait: “You have put two families through a considerable agony. You are a seriously disturbed young man and before I can properly decide what the right thing to do with you is, I need professional reports. Parents of the boys told the court of the lasting consequences of Tait’s offending saying that they won’t go out on their own, even to the park, and have lost all their confidence.

After initially being held at men’s prison HMP Perth, Tait was then incarcerated at HMP Barlinnie in Glasgow from where he was subsequently transferred to Carstairs, Scotland’s state psychiatric hospital following a “psychological episode”. After assessments Tait was found not to be suffering from a mental illness nor from learning difficulties and that his “odd presentation” had been a consequence of drug and alcohol misuse.

In August 2022, the feminist online news source Reduxx, linked to a UK Database post revealing that Tait appears to have assumed a feminine identity on Facebook and is advertising services as a dog walker and house cleaner. This yet again reveals how inadequate the supervision of this dangerous sexual predator is, given that Tait is still subject to a SOPO and on the Sex Offender register.

Image via Reduxx

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