Ian Bullock

Ian Bullock, a violent male who ‘identifies as female’, was convicted at Birmingham and Solihull Magistrates’ Court in December 2022 of the sexual assault of a woman in public toilets at Birmingham New Street station.

Bullock, 39, had entered the female toilets at Birmingham’s main station in March 2022, and the victim (who was on her way to work shortly before 7am) assumed he worked at the station because of a high-visibility jacket he had brought with him to presumably look ‘official’ and arouse less suspicion prior to committing a pre-meditated sexual assault. When the police interviewed him, Bullock tried to claim the reason he was in the toilets was that he now ‘identified as female’. This perfectly illustrates the loophole that self-identification of ‘gender’ introduces, where predatory men will immediately use it to their advantage to enter spaces designated (for safety and privacy reasons) as women-only. Neither the court or the police referred to him as female or used female pronouns for him, highlighting the hypocrisy of some trans-identified male sex offenders arbitrarily getting to define themselves as who they say they are, while others don’t.

Detective Inspector Ian Wright said: ‘Bullock is a dangerous individual who deliberately changed his clothing in order to loiter in the female toilets undetected and launch this vile, pre-meditated assault on the victim in a space she had every right to feel safe in’.

At Birmingham Crown Court in February 2023, Bullock was sentenced to 16 months in prison and ordered to sign the sex offender’s register for ten years. He also was handed a ten-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order which bars him from entering or loitering outside women’s toilets, and wearing any type of high-vis jacket other than for a lawful employment purpose.

As British Transport Police insisted that they “won’t stand for offenders like this on the rail network”, perhaps they could keep a close eye on their colleague PC Terry Malka who kept his job in the Metropolitan Police after being caught masturbating on a train.

Photo credit: British Transport Police/PA via Daily Mail

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