Harryetta Thompson

Harryetta Thompson, a violent male who identifies as a transgender woman, was convicted at Stranraer Sheriff Court in 2016 of grooming two children.

Thompson, 27, had denied various sexual offences against two young boys, aged 10 and 12, including speaking to one of them on the phone via Facebook, making remarks of a sexual nature, posting sexual images and causing a child to view sexual images. Thompson was sent to HMP Cornton Vale (Scotland’s women’s prison) before being segregated in 2023 when the female prisoners discovered Thompson was a paedophile sex offender. Thompson is believed to be the fifth male prisoner in a recent Times article that revealed four out of five trans-identified males in HMP Cornton Vale are murderers.

In 2013, Thompson was convicted of lewd behaviour and fined £180 after committing a sexual act (i.e. masturbating) in the window of their home in Port William, Dumfries and Galloway. Bizarrely, Thompson’s solicitor said what happened could be attributed to the “harassment and discriminatory behaviour” the accused was subjected to within a very small community and presumably not because Thompson – and Thompson, alone – decided to be a predatory sex offender. Various other trans-identified males have also masturbated in the windows of their homes or on the roof to frighten and intimidate neighbours, particularly women – see Luke Proctor, Andrew McNab/Chloe Thompson and Barry Mason.

The previous year, Thompson admitted behaving in a threatening manner the day after the masturbation incident, after holding a mobile phone camera towards neighbours and making a one-fingered gesture towards them. Thompson was sentenced to 40 days in prison.

Thompson was described as a ‘woman’ in all coverage of the various court cases, and in addition the Daily Record has blurred the image of Thompson. See also another Scottish trans-identified male sex offender, Jason Pilley, whose photo was also blurred – unlike photos of other convicted male offenders who don’t identify as transgender.

Image via Daily Record

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