Dominic Risden/Lexi-Rose Crawford

Dominic Risden/Lexi-Rose Crawford, a violent male who identifies as a transgender woman, was convicted at Bristol Crown Court in March 2023, of the rape and sexual assault of a woman in her own home. The offender is expected to receive a custodial sentence at a hearing scheduled for 10 May and serve it in a male prison after recent clarification from the government that trans-identified male prisoners cannot be incarcerated in women’s prisons if they have male genitalia or have committed sex crimes – both of which apply to Risden/ Crawford. In fact, the court also used the ludicrous phrase ‘her penis’ to describe the details of the offences, as have several other courts recently.

The Daily Mail reports that Risden/Crawford, 24, ‘inexplicably spoke with a slight American accent despite not having lived in the US’ and appeared to feign memory loss about the rape and sexual assault. The prosecution barrister is reported as saying ‘Is it just this, Miss Crawford, that you really can’t bring yourself to admit what happened and take full responsibility?’ to which Crawford replied: ‘That’s not the case.’ The memory loss was dismissed as a ‘convenient excuse’ by prosecutors.

In 2017, Risden/Crawford, then aged 18, was convicted of two charges of sexual activity with a child, having groomed a young girl aged 15 via the internet and then enticed her to some isolated woods. In common with many men who sexually offend against children, Risden claimed not to know the girl was aged 15 but the court heard that was untrue. Having been jailed for four years for these offences and placed on the sex offenders’ register for life, Risden/Crawford was released in early 2019 and then appears to have started identifying as transgender before going on to commit the subsequent rape and sexual assault in April of that year, while on licence for the previous sexual offences.

*Update May 2023*

Risden/Crawford was sentenced to nine years in prison for the rape and six years and six months for the assault by penetration, in what was described by the judge as a “shocking” attack and “particularly serious” given Risden/Crawford’s history of offending, and the rape having occurred in the victim’s home. The sentences will run concurrently and Risden/Crawford must sign the Sex Offenders Register indefinitely. The Ministry of Justice said the decision to hold Risden/Crawford in a men’s prison was in line with their policy that transgender prisoners who have committed sexual offences may not be held in women’s prisons.

In a victim personal statement, the woman described how she suffered from “flashbacks and nightmares” and had been forced to move house due to the attack happening in her own home. “My trust in males was low prior to this incident,” her statement said. “After the incident, my trust in males diminished even more.“ My trust in people generally has been affected. Lexi was supposed to be my friend.” She said she had suffered from anxiety and had experienced suicidal thoughts and PTSD since the attack.

In hopeful signs that the media may be beginning to take account of the public’s pushback on describing violent male sex offenders as women, headlines referred to the offender as a ‘transgender woman’ or a ‘rapist who identifies as a woman’ mostly in the context of being sent to a male prison. However, the Daily Mail reports that during the sentencing hearing, prosecutors repeatedly referred to Risden/Crawford as having used ‘her penis’ to perpetrate the rape.

The court heard that Risden/Crawford has been diagnosed with emotionally unstable personality disorder, autism and gender dysphoria. See this tag for other violent trans-identifying male offenders who are diagnosed with a personality disorder and this tag for others diagnosed with autism.

Image credit: Bradley Page via The Daily Mail

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