Zara Jade

Zara Jade, a violent male who identifies as a transgender woman, was convicted at Bradford Crown Court in March 2023, of six offences including false imprisonment, assault, and robbery. Jade, 54, was sentenced to nine years in prison with an additional three years on licence as a dangerous offender and made subject to a 12-year restraining order, banning contact with the victim directly or indirectly.

Jade reportedly has a history of violent sexual offending, having been convicted of rape and other sexual offences in 1988 and jailed for five years when aged around 18 or 19, and then jailed again for another sexual offence in 2013. It is unknown whether the victims were male or female.

In the latest violent offences, after drinking heavily, Jade stabbed and slashed the victim in the arm and abdomen and tied them to an electric reclining chair with a pair of tights at the ankles, knees, chest and arms, before tilting the chair back and turning the power off. Jade then left the victim for several hours at the flat and withdrew £300 from the victim’s account after demanding the PIN for their bank card. Police were informed when a scheduled visit from a nurse to the victim uncovered substantial injuries inflicted by Jade. The Daily Mail reports that the victim, too, is a trans-identified male who has serious health issues and was particularly vulnerable. See this tag for other cases where trans-identified males have subjected other trans individuals to violent offences, including murder. For a community that routinely and falsely accuse feminists who stand up to them of being ‘violent’, trans-identified males sure do appear to be more of a danger to eachother.

In common with several other police forces (see here) West Yorkshire Police chose not to learn from the pushback from the public (and the Home Secretary) over Sussex Police’s attribution of male sex offender John “Sally” Dixon’s horrendous crimes against seven children to a woman, and obfuscated the sex of the perpetrator with a press release entitled “Woman Jailed for Multiple Domestic Abuse Offences, Calderdale”. They also made no mention of Jade’s transgender status or previous male pattern sexual offending. It’s also possible that this heinous series of crimes will be recorded as female-on-female which is not only untrue, but also specifically lesbophobic. Several media outlets including ITV and the Yorkshire Evening Post and the BBC then similarly named the perpetrator as a ‘woman’. The BBC tweet linking to the story had over a million views and 3,000 replies voicing severe criticism for spreading disinformation.

Elsewhere on On Twitter, West Yorkshire Police’s tweet announcing the conviction was swiftly deleted after receiving immediate condemnation from other Twitter users. In 2019, West Yorkshire Police arrested Kellie Jay Keen-Minshull (aka Posie Parker) at the behest of Susie Green, the ousted head of the child sex-change charity Mermaids which is under investigation by the Charity Commission related to serious safeguarding concerns, including a trustee with links to an organisation that promotes services to paedophiles. Susie Green had accused Ms Keen-Minshull of a ‘hate crime’ after she correctly stated that Green had taken her child to Thailand to be castrated on his 16th birthday which is a matter of public record. In fact, Susie Green is on video here tittering about her child’s penis being too small to be used to surgically construct a facsimile of female reproductive organs. The investigation was subsequently dropped. In 2020, West Yorkshire Police again arrested Ms Keen-Minshull and other female activists when they lawfully met to discuss proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act – reforms that were subsequently dropped by the UK government. It appears not much has changed at West Yorkshire Police since the1970s when their rank misogyny bungled their investigation into Peter Sutcliffe who murdered at least 13 women and attempted to murder at least seven other women and girls.

The Ministry of Justice refused to reveal to the Daily Mail whether Jade would be sent to a men’s or women’s prison, although under the Justice Secretary’s new prison rules Jade cannot be incarcerated in a women’s prison due to having been convicted of sexual offences.

Image via West Yorkshire Police

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