Clive Bundy

Clive Bundy, a violent male who identifies as a transgender woman, was convicted in 2016 of multiple sexual offences against a child – his own daughter. Bundy was sentenced to ten and a half years in prison with a further four and a half years on licence for the prolonged abuse he subjected the victim to, throughout her childhood. Bundy was initially caught as he had shared images depicting child sex abuse with other paedophiles.

In early 2022, the victim was informed via her Victim Liaison Officer that her father – still in prison, but up for parole – now identified as transgender. It was only because he had given permission that his victim was informed – and, understandably – she was concerned that under a new identity he would be free to contact child members of the family, who would not know the name.

In an interview, the brave victim, chose to waive her lifelong anonymity to draw attention to the loophole that potentially allows sex attackers like her father to cover up their past by adopting a new gender identity. She said “He groomed me, and sexually abused me for as much of my childhood as I can remember. He took indecent images of me, naked images of me, and posted them online, shared them with other paedophiles.”

Read the report from Keep Prisons Single Sex criticising the loophole created in Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) procedures regarding transgender individuals that allows them to apply for a DBS check with their amended details without disclosing their previous name and birth sex.

Despite intervention from the local MP, Bundy’s release was approved. Appallingly, Reduxx reports that the parole board said the circumstances of Bundy‚Äôs offending had been taken into consideration and because he had targeted a family member, he would not pose a threat to other children. The victim attempted to appeal for reconsideration on the grounds that Bundy had not been rehabilitated but it is understood he has been released on licence.

The name chosen by Bundy is apparently ‘Claire Fox’ and as this may well be have been chosen deliberately to appropriate a well-known woman’s name (Claire Fox, life peer and Director of The Institute of Ideas, has challenged extremist gender ideology in the House of Lords) – we have chosen not to use it. Bundy is by no means the first violent trans-identified male to appropriate a woman’s name to disguise his own; sex offender Adam Graham/Isla Bryson stole the surname Graham from his estranged wife and the violent male trans activist who attacked feminist Julie Bindel appropriated the name of a well known American feminist. See this tag for further examples.

Read the debate in parliament in Hansard from March 2023 re DBS loopholes that allow sex offenders to change their name.

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