Andrew Fleming/Susan Hope

Andrew Fleming/Susan Hope, a violent male who identifies as transgender woman, was convicted at Newcastle Crown Court in March 2024 of harassment putting a person in fear of violence and assaulting an emergency worker.

After kindly allowing new neighbour Fleming/Hope to charge a mobile phone in her flat in February 2023, the victim was then harassed by Fleming/Hope for months. Fleming/Hope, aged 51, began knocking on the neighbours’ door at all hours demanding to charge the phone and becoming aggressive when told ‘no’. By July, Fleming/Hope was shouting abuse and threats to kill the female neighbour and to “punch her face in”, frightening her much she was afraid to be alone in her own home and causing her husband to call the police. Fleming/Hope was arrested and assaulted a police officer at the police station but was then released on bail with conditions not to contact the victims.

Fleming/ Hope carried on with the same violent behaviour and was eventually remanded until trial. The court heard that the defendant was previously detained under the Mental Health Act and has autism and bipolar disorder. In her victim impact statement the female victim revealed how “absolutely terrified” of Fleming/Hope she is, causing her distress all the time at what the defendant is capable of doing. After living in her flat for more than 30 years she “no longer feels safe and doesn’t want to live there anymore.”

Fleming/Hope failed to attend court for the sentencing hearing but was jailed for 41 weeks and given a restraining order not to contact the victims. Unusually, the media report avoids calling Fleming/Hope a ‘woman’ and uses female pronouns only when directly reporting what was said in court.

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Image credit: Northumbria Police via ChronicleLive

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