Rebecca Lowe

Rebecca Lowe, believed to be a violent male who identifies as a transgender woman, was convicted in April 2024 at Warrington Magistrates’ Court of possession of an an offensive weapon. Lowe, 30, was sentenced to a 12-month community order with requirements to attend 20 days of rehabilitation activity and pay £234 in costs and victim surcharge. A charge of using threatening behaviour was dropped.

The offence related to an accusation Lowe made to two female neighbours, a mother and daughter, that their dog had fouled the pavement outside Lowe’s house. After a violent altercation, one of the women’s partners had come to their defence and Lowe threatened him with a Samurai sword.

Lowe was previously convicted of a very similar offence in 2020, having threatened a neighbour’s child with a knife after making an accusation against him. Lowe’s then partner had confronted a 16-year old boy outside his home and accused him of smashing a window on their car with a brick. Lowe told the boy: “You’ve been bricking my window, you’re going to get sliced from ear to ear’ and was seen getting a nine inch kitchen knife from the vehicle. The unsurprisingly terrified boy was so distressed he was ‘crying and hyperventilating’ when he rang his mother. Lowe escaped custody after being convicted of threatening behaviour and possession of a blade in a public place, and was sentenced at Chester Crown Court in February 2020 to ten-months jail suspended for 18 months.

All media referred to Lowe as a ‘woman’ or ‘Mum’ and used female pronouns despite Lowe’s male appearance and male-pattern crimes of aggression and violence.

Previous examples of trans-identified males escaping custodial sentences (the so called Trans ‘Get Out of Jail free’ card) are collected under this tag. See this tag for another 40+ examples of violent crimes trans-identified males have perpetrated against neighbours.

Image credit: Cavendish Press via Metro

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