Kayleigh-Louise Woods

Kayleigh-Louise Woods
Photo via Warks. Police

Kayleigh-Louise Woods / Kyle Lockwood, a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, was jailed for life at Warwick Crown Court in 2017 for the torture and brutal murder of 20-year old flatmate Bethany Hill. Woods, 23, and accomplice Jack Williams were told they would be imprisoned for at least 26 years.

Miss Hill was found with her hands bound with tape and multiple stab wounds to her neck and the prosecution presented evidence that Woods and Williams had planned and carried out the ‘sadistic’ killing for their ‘perverted pleasure’. A Barbie doll owned by Woods with hair dyed a similar colour to the victim and hands bound with tape was found hidden at the defendant’s grandmother’s house.

Woods lied to the police concerning the circumstances of finding Miss Hill’s body and tried to blame Williams for the murder. The prosecution alleged that although Woods appeared to be distressed during the emergency call it was “play-acting”, and told the jury they “will learn during the course of this case that she is a good play-actor and a prolific and practised liar.”

Image of Woods’ Barbie doll
Photo: SWNS via Daily Mail

In a statement issued through the police, Miss Hill’s family said: ‘We wish we could put into words how these two evil individuals have caused us to feel. The heartbreak of knowing that we will never see our beautiful Beth again, that they have denied her the chance to see her nieces and nephews grow up and taken her from us in such a brutal, cruel way, is unbearable.’

After the case, Detective Inspector Neal Candelent, from Warwickshire Police, said: ‘Bethany’s murder was a cold-blooded killing of an entirely innocent young woman in the prime of her life, for which Woods and Williams have shown no remorse.’

As Woods was listed as ‘male’ on court documentation (yet referred to with female pronouns on the same court documents and as Williams’ ‘girlfriend’ in BBC coverage), this horrific murder should be counted among male murder statistics rather than female, unlike the murder committed by Claire Darbyshire in 2016 or the attempted murder committed by Lauren Jeska which will both likely have been added to female crime statistics. It is unknown whether Woods will serve their prison sentence in a male or female jail.

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