Karen White

Image of The Sun front page 18.07.18

Karen White, a male prisoner who identifies as a trans woman was charged in 2018 with four sexual offences (sexual touching) against four female inmates in a women’s prison. 

Sexual touching is a serious crime prosecuted under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 and is sentenced under the same guidelines as sexual assault, with a maximum prison sentence of ten years if the complainant is over the age of 13.

White, 51, may or may not have a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) but has not had gender reassignment surgery. White was removed from the women’s prison following the incidents and placed in a Category B men’s prison. As the offences are alleged to have taken place between September and November 2017 we can surmise the prison did not act to immediately safeguard vulnerable female prisoners.

The first of the attacks reportedly took place within days of the prisoner arriving at HMP New Hall in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. The first complainant said White stood close to her and touched her arm while the prisoner’s erect penis was sticking out from the top of their trousers.

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