Gary Atack

Silhouette image via Wikimedia Commons

Gary Atack, a male transvestite, was acquitted at Leeds Crown Court of raping a 16 year old girl in 2005. 

The girl was¬†approached and asked the time in the early hours of the morning by a person wearing a women’s skirt and boots, and a long blonde wig. She said she was waiting for her father and the person offered to let her wait at her home nearby, but she rejected the offer. She noticed the person – whom she initially assumed was a woman due to their attire – smelled of stale urine and at that point the person squatted down and urinated in front of her. The girl testified that she immediately began to walk away only to be grabbed and dragged into the alley, where the man raped her.

Atack, 45, was subsequently arrested and his home was searched. In addition to women’s clothing, urine-stained underwear and DVDs of women urinating were found and he accepted he was sexually aroused by people urinating in front of others. He admitted he had changed into woman’s clothing at a nearby bus shelter and that he had urinated in front of the girl while wearing them but denied raping her. He was seen changing back to men’s clothes on a closed circuit TV camera nearby. The CCTV footage also revealed Atack was lying about his movements and showed him fleeing from the scene carrying his boots which the prosecution alleged was “so he could run faster”.

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