Frank / Kellie Maloney

Frank / Kellie Maloney, a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, told the Daily Mirror in 2015 of trying to strangle Tracey, Maloney’s (then) wife in 2005; domestic violence experts emphasize strangulation is an important risk factor in predicting future serious, even lethal violence against women. All through the article Maloney blames “deep emotions” and “anguish” regarding gender identity rather than acknowledge raging male entitlement and male violence.

Former boxing promoter Maloney, 61, is quoted as saying  “I grabbed her and had my hands around her neck. I remember the fear in her face. In that split second I was like a man possessed” and reveals the attack only stopped when the couple’s very young daughters, aged ten and four, came into the room terrified. Maloney continued “What brought me back to my senses was the sound of their frightened voices. If they hadn’t come into the room at that point I dread to think what might have happened.” This is a classic example of using the passive voice to evade responsibility; (“what might have happened”) rather than acknowledging agency for one’s actions by using a first person (“what I might have done”) narrative.

With no apparent irony regarding the lasting traumatic effects of such appalling violence on both Tracey and the young girls and how terrified they were, the Mirror leads the interview with the line “It was the most terrifying and shameful moment of Kellie Maloney’s troubled life, buried deep in her subconscious – until today.”

Maloney then goes on to reveal further strangulation attempts on colleagues “I grabbed a couple of people in the office round the neck, pushed them up against the wall and threatened them” and textbook autogynephilia by admitting secretly dressing in an aunt’s “sequinned dresses” aged 11, stealing first wife Jackie’s clothes and secretly taking Tracey’s contraceptive pills in an attempt to “quash her temper”.

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