Marcia Walker

Marcia Walker
Photo via Worcester News

Marcia / Mark Walker, a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted of raping two girls under the age of 16 – one of whom was aged just four. Walker was sentenced (as a man named Mark Walker) to 13 years in prison at Canterbury Crown Court on January 17, 2003. 

Soon after being released, Walker was sentenced in February 2012 to six months in jail on 10 counts of making indecent photographs of children, seven of taking indecent photographs of children and two of distributing indecent photographs of children.

When Walker was in jail in June 2012 prison officers found a document entitled ‘Plan of Action’ which involved going to (then Home Secretary) Theresa May’s home and “causing problems.”

On release in August 2012, Walker began making a series of bomb threats against prisons, prison staff and Theresa May. The threats were made initially from a bail hostel and then, once returned to custody, from HMP Bullingdon and then from the high security category A men’s prisons Walker was transferred to.

Walker, 43, received an additional five year sentence in 2017 for threats made from HMP Long Lartin. This was in addition to a six year sentence imposed in 2013 for threats made from HMP Bullingdon and an additional four year sentence in 2015 for threats made from HMP Parkhurst.

Sentencing Walker for the latest threats at Worcester Crown Court in February 2017, Judge Juckes said he must extend Walker’s sentence to deter further serious and disruptive threats. The defence team submitted that Walker had been assessed as having “Asperger’s syndrome with rigid thinking, a lack of insight and a fixation on blaming the prison service.”

The judge also added that the prisoner’s grudge arose because Walker “wanted transgender surgery, the possibility of which was still being investigated.” 

“There is apparently no other way of controlling your behaviour other than by making it clear to you that each time you choose – and it is your choice – to behave in this way, you face a longer sentence.

“The only person that can end this cycle is you.”

Bomb threats made:

2012 – In August, left phone messages saying there was a bomb at a probation hostel in Windsor. He was sent back to prison and from HMP Bullingdon he rang Crimestoppers and told them there was a parcel bomb at (then Home Secretary) Theresa May’s home.

2012 – In November, bomb threat sent to Theresa May’s home telling her “Watch your back. You are a dead woman” while at HMP Bullingdon

2013 – Claimed there was a mail bomb at HMP Bullingdon and caused significant disruption as judicial visits and prisoner transfers were cancelled.

2015  – Hoax call to Crimestoppers on December 4 while at HMP Parkhurst to claim there was a nail bomb in the prison car park and a bomb at the governor’s home address 

2016  – Two written bomb threats to HMP Long Lartin senior prison officer and prison governor on January 28 

In 2016, another prisoner at HMP Long Lartin, Paul Tudor, was convicted at Worcester Crown Court of causing actual bodily harm to Walker and was sentenced to an additional 26 months in prison. Walker claimed this was a transphobic attack although Tudor denied this. No mention of Walker having committed a series of the most serious sexual offences against children was made in the media coverage identified.

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