Paul / Pauline Long

Paul/Pauline Long, a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted of multiple sexual offences against two children under 10. Long, 60, was jailed at Bristol Crown Court in June 2017; media reports on the sentence length differ, with one stating 6 years and the other 12 years.

Long was found guilty of a total of eight sexual offences against the children, a boy and a girl, including indecent assaults, taking indecent images and forcing a child to watch sexual activity. Long committed the offences over a sustained period of time when known as Paul Long, prior to identifying as a trans woman.

After the sentencing, Detective Constable Jon Youdan said: “This is a very satisfying result” and added that “Long terrorised these children for her own sexual gratification. She was a bully and a monster to them and it’s good that she’s now behind bars where she can’t cause any further harm.”

Cited in defence, the probation service had found Long struggled with the psychological effects of gender reassignment, however the judge did not accept this as mitigation saying to Long during sentencing that gender reassignment “does not begin to explain why you behaved as you did” and that “you have not demonstrated a shred of remorse and remain in denial.” 

Judge Martin Picton also added that Long’s victims had been left deeply scarred by their experiences. “The harm that you have caused is outwith the norm, even for offences of this type.

Photo credit: SWNS via Bristol Post

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