Derek Allan

Derek Allan, a male transvestite, was convicted at Perth Sheriff’s Court in 2017 of a breach of the peace charge and admitted conducting himself in a disorderly manner on various occasions in 2014. Allan, 60, was fined £1,500 but escaped having his name added to the sex offenders’ register.

Allan’s voyeurism and covert filming of two women was bizarrely excused in court as linked to his gender identity issues and cross-dressing, and the sheriff ruled there was “no significant sexual element” behind his actions.

Allan was was initially accused of spying on the women for three years but his defence lawyer insisted his actions weren’t the sort of “intrusive recording or photographing” which were a feature of other cases. He said ‘[Allan’s] behaviour is inextricably linked to gender identity issues of which he has been aware for decades. Part of his exploration of gender identity issues has involved in him engaging in what is known in common parlance as cross-dressing.’

One of the victims was said to be “extremely distressed because she could clearly see that the accused was filming her and was attempting to be secretive about it” and Allan accepted that his actions hadcaused “alarm and needless anxiety” to the two women.

See also  Sarbjeet Jagdev, Mark Woodley and Gillian Newley who have all cited gender identity issues in their sexual offending.

Photo credit: Graeme Hart, Perthshire Picture Agency via Daily Record

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