Alan McKenzie

Alan McKenzie, a male transvestite, was first convicted in 2016 at Bristol Crown Court of indecent exposure after he was seen by two women masturbating on Clifton Down by Bristol Zoo, naked except for a pair of women’s underwear and in possession of pornographic magazines and lubricant.

McKenzie, 52, was given a sentence of 12 months community service including a rehabilitation requirement for up to 40 days and 60 hours’ unpaid work, and required to register as a sex offender for five years. As there are university halls of residence nearby, students were reportedly advised to inform the authorities if any other men in ladies’ underwear are spotted in public around Bristol.

The following year, McKenzie took pornographic magazines, petroleum jelly, a butt plug, rubber rings, tissues and a plastic sheet to Netham Park in Bristol and masturbated for more than an hour, witnessed by a shocked office worker who called the police. Searches revealed he had a lock-knife, some ten wraps of cannabis and £300 on him, with a further £400 under his mattress at his home. McKenzie, now 54, pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply cannabis, outraging public decency and possessing a knife in September 2017, and was subsequently sentenced to ten months in prison in January 2018.

Over 50 examples of trans-identified males committing sexual offences involving women’s/children underwear are available under this tag.

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