Stephen / Stephanie Mottershead

Stephen / Stephanie Mottershead, a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted of  unlawful wounding in 2018 at and jailed for two years and four months. Mottershead stabbed a neighbour following an argument and miraculously managed to avoid severing any of the victim’s arteries although the blade penetrated all the way through his liver to his kidney.

Mottershead, 41, was reportedly “undergoing gender reassignment” at the time of sentencing and so was sent to the women’s closed category prison, HMP Styal, in Cheshire for female adults and young offenders.

The court heard how the victim, Liam Walsh, has been traumatised by the attack and is unable to return to the scene. He has also had multiple panic attacks and cannot return to work.

At sentencing the judge told Mottershead ‘The injury that he suffered was serious and could have resulted in him losing his life. It went through his liver and through to his kidney and almost hit a main artery. It’s quite clear that he still suffers from the injury inflicted by you.’

The judge added: ‘This is regrettably not the first time you have been convicted of a violent offence. In 1994, you were convicted of robbery, in 1995 you were convicted of wounding somebody, in 2007 you convicted of possession of a weapon, and in 2012 you were convicted of the offence of battery. There are other offences which do not make matters worse, but making matters significantly worse is your conviction in September 2017 of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.’

‘You are also undergoing gender re-assignment and I understand this will create difficulty for you while in custody. You have been in prison in the past but not whilst undergoing this procedure. But, I am of the view that this crime is serious and I can only give you immediate custody.’

The Mirror reports the prisoner’s name as Stephanie Mottershead although detailing that they appeared in the dock under the name ”Stephen aka Stephanie”.

You can see a list of other violent offenders who have undergone prison transition by searching this tag. A list of male trans individuals who are known to have transferred to a female jail is here, and those sent to a female jail at sentencing is here.

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