Denen Anderson

Denen Steven Anderson, a male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted at Dundee Sheriff’s Court in January 2021 relating to downloading images depicting child sexual abuse.

Anderson, 18, admitted downloading videos and still imagery depicting sexual abuse of very young children between one to five years old, and classified as category A, B and C. The court also heard that the police found a number of deleted notes, including deeply disturbing topics such as ‘kid killers’, ‘toddler torture’, ‘baby torture’, ‘baby abuse’, ‘toddler murder’, ‘baby killer’ and ‘child abusers’.

All media coverage referred to Anderson as a woman and online comments from numerous readers disputed Anderson being reported as a woman after an apparently very recent transition.

Sentencing was deferred for a month for reports and Anderson was bailed.

*Update April 2021*

Anderson escaped a jail sentence and walked free from court but was placed on the sex offenders register for two years and banned from having contact with children or using social networking sites. Anderson does not have a gender recognition certificate (GRC) but was referred to as a woman in media coverage.

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