Colin Norfolk

Colin Norfolk, a violent male transvestite, has been repeatedly convicted of sex offences and failing to adhere to the conditions of a Sexual Health Prevention Order (SHPO). These offences include a conviction for indecent assault in 1995, four offences of indecent exposure in 2013, failure to comply with notification requirements the same year, a breach of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order in 2014 and a further breach of a community order in 2020.

In March 2022, Norfolk, 67, was sentenced to 24 months in prison at Sheffield Crown Court after again breaching the terms of his SHPO and a further eight weeks of custody relating to the activation of a previously imposed suspended prison sentence. Mitigation submitted to court included Norfolk’s assertion that he no longer dresses in female clothes but the judge told him he had not put any of the learning from two different sex offender courses into practice, telling him “If it was down to me to make you a dangerous offender, I would.”

The terms of the SHPO imposed in 2020 prohibited Norfolk from wearing clothing that facilitated the indecent exposure of his genitals in a public place. Because he refused to co-operate with the police monitoring his behaviour, CCTV was used to monitor the outside of his property and he was seen on camera in November 2020 leaving the flat wearing a coat, a hat, a short, floral miniskirt, flip flops and no underwear. On arrest he was found to have six mobile phones, only one of which had been registered with the police. Although no indecent images of children had been downloaded, Norfolk’s search history included the term “sexy schoolgirl shot”.

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