Andrew Keen

Andrew Keen, a violent male transvestite, was convicted at Swindon Magistrates’ Court on 27 April 2022 of indecent exposure and two charges of causing (young girls) harassment, alarm or distress.

Keen, dressed in women’s clothes, first approached a 17 year old girl outside a local college and asked if he could have her clothes for some unspecified charitable cause before exposing his penis which was visible above the waistband of his skirt. He then used this same ruse on two further girls aged 16 and 17. All were – unsurprisingly – shocked, scared and confused.

Keen, 41, was described in court as a “loner”, who was “struggling with his sexuality” and someone who had a “myriad of issues” and learned about things via the internet.

While noting their worry that Keen deliberately targeted young females, magistrates did not impose a prison sentence. Instead, they gave Keen a 24-month community order and banned him from going near the college sites for 12 months – which will be monitored by a GPS tag – plus pay costs of £85 and a £95 victim surcharge. He must also complete 15 rehabilitation activity requirement days, 200 hours of unpaid work and register as a sex offender for five years.

In common with many other trans-identified male sex offenders, this is yet another worrying sex offender (in this case, someone who has perpetrated a contact sex offence against a child) that has avoided a prison sentence– effectively, a Get Out Of Jail Free card. Over 60 other examples are collected under this tag.

Image via the UK Paedophile Database

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