“Rosemary Times”

Rosemary Times is an online pseudonym of a male transvestite fetishist who spends his time exposing his genitals while wearing women’s clothing and taking pictures of himself in Nottingham’s Victoria Centre. Social media users identified multiple shop floor, fitting room and café locations in House of Fraser and John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Next, Monsoon, New Look, M&Co, River Island, Urban Outfitters and Yours Clothing – including lingerie departments and toilets.

While a manager at House of Fraser declined to comment to the Nottingham Post, an anonymous member of staff told the paper that “Rosemary” is a regular – and displayed astonishing naivety that a sex offender would cultivate an “always very polite” persona in order to facilitate their offending, saying “I am shocked. I would have never guessed [they] would do something like that”. The company has not responded to questions as to whether they would permit “Rosemary” to use women’s fitting rooms.

Since being widely discussed on Twitter, “Rosemary’s” posts on Flickr and TikTok have been set to private and/or edited to remove the most pornographic images, but many still refer to preparing to take explicit photos. Twitter users have also posted examples of other grubby men replying with sexualised comments (warning: strong stomach needed) on “Rosemary’s” posts and various clueless women simpering over his outfit choices and “lovely” personality.

A spokesperson for Victoria Centre confirmed that “We are aware of the tweets in question and are looking into the incident”. It is currently unknown if Nottingham police are investigating this man for multiple indecent exposure offences, although security staff at the shopping centre are believed to have been briefed in order to identify him.

Media reports

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