Jonathon/Charlene Mallon

Jonathon / Charlene Mallon, a violent male who identifies as a transgender woman, was convicted at the High Court in Glasgow in 2014 of a series of violent rapes and sexual assaults against six vulnerable young women. Mallon, then aged 32, was jailed for life and ordered to spend at least 10 years behind bars before being able to apply for parole. Previous convictions included domestic abuse, violence, carrying a knife and fire-raising.

At sentencing the judge described the thirteen years of sexual violence against women perpetrated by Mallon as “a course of conduct that can only be described as monstrous” – he had met many of his victims at church and had then raped and sexually abused them at home and in public spaces such as toilets and cubicles at a leisure centre with children nearby. The police officer who led the investigation further described Mallon as “a calculating individual, who preyed on the vulnerability of his victims – first luring them into a relationship and then carrying out horrific acts on each of them.”

In January 2023, a Scottish Sun source at HMP Edinburgh revealed that Mallon, now aged 40, has changed his name by deed poll to self-identify as a transgender woman called Charlene, and has been “bragging to fellow lags that he will be in a women’s nick by Easter”. This (entirely predictable) move by a violent serial rapist comes just weeks after Members of Scottish Parliament (MSPs) voted through highly controversial changes to Scotland’s gender recognition process which could provide a route for any predatory male sex offender to transfer to women’s prisons if they self-identify as transgender women. At the time of writing, Rishi Sunak is understood to be preparing to block the Bill on the grounds of having an adverse impact on UK-wide equality legislation.

As noted by Reduxx, Scottish politicians voted down amendments which would have prohibited sex offenders from changing their identification during or after court proceedings. Tory MSP Russell Findlay, who proposed the amendment, said it was designed to “prevent those male criminals who already lie and deceive to commit serious wrongdoing and whose victims are almost always women and girls.”

*Update 29 January 2023*

In the wake of the furore around rapist Adam/Graham/Isla Bryson being initially allocated to a women’s prison before being moved to a men’s prison, the Scottish government announced that an “urgent review” of all transgender cases in Scottish prisons is to be carried out, and the movement of all trans prisoners with a history of violence against women will be paused until the review ends. 

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