Danielle Edney

Danielle Edney, a male who identifies as a transgender woman, was twice arrested in 2022 on suspicion of attempting to engage in sexual communications with a child. Edney was subsequently charged and remanded into custody in December 2022 to await trial.

Two separate groups of volunteer paedophile hunters, STOP Sting and P.E.S.T (Predators Exposed Sting Team), had confronted Edney, 44, as part of sting operations.

Other examples of trans-identified males who have been brought to police attention via paedophile hunter groups are available under this tag

Edney told paedophile hunters that he had “uncontrollable sexual urges” and pursued children because of a lack of success finding an adult partner, as well as using pornography and sex toys. He also claimed to be struggling with demons who directed his actions and that he had been previously arrested for impersonating a police officer at the Pride parade in Crawley, West Sussex because he had been wearing hi-vis gear and carrying police-grade handcuffs ‘for protection’ – see this tag for other trans-identified male paedophiles who have been involved with Pride parades. Also see Ian Bullock, a trans-identified male who was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman in a female toilet in a Birmingham station in December 2022 – he wore a hi-vis jacket to look ‘official’ to gain entry to the bathroom and perpetrate the attack.

*Update 11 August, 2023*

Edney, 30, was convicted at Lewes Crown Court on 28 July, 2023 and sentenced to 4 years in prison. Pre-sentence reports indicate Edney has learning difficulties and he was made subject to a sexual harm prevention order, and will be on the sex offender’s register indefinitely. Upon release, Edney will also be banned from wearing any kind of high-visibility vest.

Like several other trans-identified male offenders detailed on this site, apparently Edney sometimes appropriates a woman’s name (in this case, Ariana Grande) – see other examples under this tag

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