Coral / Ryan Scott

Coral/Ryan Scott, a violent female who identifies as a transgender man, was convicted at Dundee Sheriff Court in February 2023 of engaging in sexual activity with or towards a child. Scott, 20, was remanded to the female wing of HMYOI Polmont in Falkirk and is due to be sentenced on 2 March 2023.

Scott met the victim – a 14 year old girl – via Snapchat and after attacking her, then attempted to pervert the course of justice by sending death threats to the victim using fake social media accounts to target her. After being charged on the 1 May 2022 and being subject to bail conditions prohibiting contact, Scott persisted in threatening the child just nine days later, sending two voice messages saying: “So see if I get the jail mate, you’re f***ed mate. You’re dead. You’re just a pure f***ing horrible c***” and another saying  “See the next time I see you, you better not be in my scheme or I’ll f***ing do you.”

The child’s mother told the Daily Record how Scott had forced her daughter to do things she didn’t want to do, saying “She was traumatised and paralysed with fear when it was happening” and adding that “It broke our hearts to see what this monster had done to our little girl. It destroyed our beautiful daughter. She was a child and whether he was a man or a woman, this is an adult preying on a child.”

Image credit: Daily Record

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