Tanya Howes

Tanya Howes, a male who identifies as a transgender woman, was convicted at Norwich Magistrates Court in May 2023 of three charges of possessing indecent photographs of a child and a separate charge of possessing 100 “grossly offensive” extreme pornographic images and videos.

Howes, 66, admitted possessing 39 of the most serious category A indecent photographs of children (category A images depict rape/sexual abuse of babies and children), 17 category B and 29 category C images.

Magistrates approved a Norfolk Probation Service application for an extension to complete reports, including referring the case to the Transgender Case Board. Howes was given unconditional bail until a sentencing hearing on July 4.

The feminist news service Reduxx has revealed that Howes was previously a prison officer and represented Gays and Lesbians in the Prison Service (GALIPS) at Norwich Pride. Reduxx also identified numerous social media profiles for Howes and that have posted highly sexualised content and images, and spoke to a woman with young children who believes she was “groomed” by Howes. She had to go to Norwich Police to demand to know if pictures of her children were among those found on Howes’ devices – thankfully they were not. Read more here and here.

*Update July 2023*

Somewhat predictably, given other recent cases of trans-identified male sex offenders avoiding jail, Howes received a suspended prison sentence at Norwich Magistrates Court on July 4, 2023. The decision to suspend the 12 month sentence for two years was decided after a Transgender Case Board meeting. Chair of the bench said “These offences would normally attract immediate custody” and added it did not detract from how serious these matters were with children being “subjected to horrific acts”. Instead of focusing on the lifelong trauma of the young victims sexually abused for the gratification of people like Howes, the court was invited to sympathise with Howes; mitigation was heard that “It’s very, very clear that she [sic] will forever more have to live with the shame and embarrassment that these offences bring upon someone”.

Howes was also ordered to carry out up to 30 days Rehabilitation Activity Requirement (RAR), pay £145 costs and a £149 victim surcharge and place on the Sex Offenders’ Register for 10 years. Howes apparently lives across the road from a school.

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