Samantha Norris

Samantha Norris, a male who identifies as a transgender woman, was charged in August 2023 with two counts of indecent exposure and three counts of making indecent photographs of a child, possession of a prohibited image of a child, and possession of extreme pornographic images.

The Hampshire police statement detailing the charges made against Norris, 55, allege that two young girls were “subjected to indecent exposure opposite an address on Euston Grove in Ringwood.”

Fair Play For Women – a feminist group who have repeatedly challenged media outlets and IPSO to report the sex of defendants accurately – noted conflicting regional news stories where one says Samantha Norris is a man (navigate to 12 August 2023 to see the post) while another says Norris is female and a woman. In addition, they note that the police statement didn’t mention the sex of the defendant at all, or use sexed pronouns – i.e they know Norris is male but won’t say so.

Media coverage mostly reflected this obfuscation referring to Norris simply as “a person” or “individual” or a “Ringwood resident” but some outlets, such as Portsmouth News inexplicably went with “Female Samantha Norris who allegedly flashed at two young girls near Hampshire school…” Indecent exposure/public masturbation is overwhelmingly a male crime. The Bournemouth Echo may have later changed their headline as the same story is titled “Samantha Norris accused of indecent exposure against girls” on the Echo site but as “Woman accused of indecent exposure against two young girls” via Yahoo News.

The feminist news service Reduxx also noted the anomaly in how the force normally reports the sex of the defendant in media releases detailing arrests and convictions and therefore contacted the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary to clarify; the External Engagement Manager stated that Norris “identifies as a woman.”

Norris was remanded into custody at the hearing at Southampton Magistrates’ Court in August 2023 and the trial at Southampton Crown Court is due to start on Tuesday 9 January, 2024.

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