Bronwyn/Anarlin Jones

Bronwyn/Bron/Anarlin Jones, a female who is believed to identify as transgender, is due to stand trial for the murder of Anna Jones (Jones’ mother) in April 2024.

BBC headlines, Dec 2023

Jones, 25, admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility during an appearance at Portsmouth Crown Court in December 2023.

Anna Jones, 44, was found dead at her flat in Petersfield, Hampshire, at about 20:00 BST on 9 May, 2023.

Media coverage at the time reported that one of Anna Jones’ two daughters, (named as Bronwyn Jones) had been arrested and charged with her murder, but by December coverage was using the name Anarlin and they/them pronouns for the suspect. The BBC also appears to have amended headlines which initially read “Woman admits killing mother but denies murder” to “Defendant admits killing mother but denies murder”.

*Update February 2024*

Jones’ trial has been delayed and is reportedly┬ánow scheduled for a 10-day hearing starting on 25 November 2024.

Image via Daily Mail

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