Nathan/Naomi O’Brien

Nathan/Naomi O’Brien (aka Morgan Naomi Clarke/TS Taboo Goddess), a violent male who identifies as a transgender woman, was convicted at Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court in 2023 of five sexual offences against a child: three counts of intentionally encouraging and assisting another to commit a sexual assault against a child, two counts of intentionally encouraging and assisting another to engage in sexual activity in the presence of a child and engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child.

The circumstances of the offending are appalling; O’Brien incited another man – Jonathan Walker, O’Brien’s partner – to sexually abuse a four year old boy on multiple occasions in March 2023. The two were linked via 1800+ messages they had exchanged via Kik after Walker was arrested following an FBI tip-off. Walker was categorised as a dangerous offender and sentenced to 12-and-a-half years in July 2023.

In a press release entitled ‘Man and woman sentenced to combined 16 years and 9 months in prison for their roles in the sexual abuse of a child’ issued by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) in December 2023, O’Brien is misrepresented as female and the investigating officer pronounces it a “significant result” on behalf of “other children in the community who could have been subject to similar offending by a predatory female” (screenshot here). While the release says GMP’s thoughts are with the victim, how could they be? They have misrepresented the sex of one of the perpetrators so how is it respectful to that four year child to prioritise what the offender demands rather than what this or any other victim needs (i.e. the truth)? Who would trust them after that? Amplifying the effect on the victim and his family is the fact that the media all dutifully reported the crime as having been committed by a woman, with the BBC headline being typical ‘Predatory’ woman who incited man to abuse child, 4, jailed.

There is no possibility that GMP’s ‘tenacious and lengthy investigation’ did not uncover O’Brien’s trans status via easily found social media profiles e.g. @tstaboogoddess or fawning media interviews for Miss Transgender UK, plus an extensive online porn/escort/Only Fans footprint as ‘TS Taboo Goddess’/Morgan Naomi Clarke where O’Brien is seen displaying male genitalia and masturbating (censored video example here) and dressed up as a schoolgirl for the ‘age play community’. So why obscure O’Brien’s trans status and – even worse gaslight the public and victims by describing O’Brien as female – and therefore decrease public trust in the police even further? As a reminder, GMP was in special measures between 2020-2022 and was revealed in March 2023 to have 150 (150!) employees accused of violence against women and girls in the previous six months.

Predictably, the GMP prevented direct replies to their post on X/Twitter (archive) because they, of course, knew that calling a male sex offender a woman would attract severe criticism. The post received a community note stating that both offenders were male and at the time of writing, over 3 million people had viewed the tweet, with a further 2000 users very clearly telling GMP it was unacceptable to misrepresent the sex of the offender.

O’Brien, 31, was sentenced to 4 years and 3 months in prison on Monday 20 November 2023, which coincidentally is the Transgender Day of Remembrance commemorating trans people murdered around the world – although, thankfully, the rate is very low in the UK (less than one per year). O’Brien will serve the sentence in a male prison as the prison policy in England & Wales prevents any male prisoner convicted of a sexual offence from being held in the female prison estate. O’Brien is also subject to a 4 years and 4 months Sexual Harm Prevention Order and Sex Offender Notification Requirements for life. 

In a section on GB News, journalist and satirist Andrew Doyle discusses the growing problem of crimes committed by men being ascribed to women and the consequent skewing of crime statistics, citing data from Keep Prisons Single Sex on how some police forces are recording offences by suspects’ gender identity rather than sex. Doyle rightly points out that there is no law mandating that media outlets must refer to rapists and abusers as whatever they choose to identify as that day, and ends by saying “You don’t need to worry about the hurt feelings of rapists and paedophiles. Your job is to report the truth. So stop lying to the public.”

Image credit: GMP

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