Craig Hudson

Craig Hudson/Kimberley Green, a violent male who identifies as a trans woman, was convicted (when living as a man) of the torture and murder of his 20 year old wife Rachel in 2005. Mrs Hudson died after two years of systematic beatings and abuse. 

Hudson, then aged 21, was one of five family members convicted of the murder and was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 14 years, with concurrent sentences for attempts to pervert the course of justice. Local police in Nottingham had revealed where Rachel (and Craig Hudson) were when they attempted to escape the “family from hell’s” control – once back in their home Craig had joined in their physical attacks on Rachel. The  judge said Hudson ‘displayed a clear tendency to lie’. Hudson transitioned in prison.

Mrs Hudson’s body, when found dumped and wrapped in a carpet, weighed just six stone and was covered with burns and bruises. There were a total of 60 separate injuries. Her ear was scarred and swollen and had split in half, her mouth was so injured that her bottom lip had detached and she had eleven broken ribs.

The ultimate cause of Mrs Hudson’s death on 17 March 2004 was a thrombosis from a blood clot in her brain, brought on by septicaemia, dehydration and repeated assaults.

In December 2013, Hudson accused prison authorities of unlawful discrimination against transgender prisoners, despite concerns among medical experts and prison staff over his commitment to a sex change. Hudson brought a judicial review to the High Court for the rights of transgender prisoners to wear wigs and outsize women’s clothes which prison authorities opposed, arguing that wigs are banned because prisoners can use them as a disguise in escape attempts.

This tag collates over 50 violent trans-identified men who have transitioned in prison in the UK while serving long custodial sentences

A list of other violent trans-identified men around the world who have transitioned in prison after receiving long sentences is available on the Politics of Gender blog (archive).

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